Get A Reply From Someone

How To Get A Reply From Someone?

You message them and wait for hours before they respond, right? Or sometimes they see your message but you don’t get a reply and you end up wondering if there was something wrong in your message.
Well, the truth is that you are unaware of the art of texting. All you need is a few tricks up your sleeve to type a well-put-together message. This will help you get a desire a reply from the person on the other end of the chat.
Are you yearning to learn those tricks yet? Well, let’s satiate your curiosity while it’s still alive

  • NO Hi’s or Hey’s: It is suggested that you make “No Hi’s” your motto while texting because along with being the most common first text, Hi, hey or other similar greetings have become cheesy clichés, especially in the dating world.
    Because nobody looks forward to receiving a “Hi” from a stranger on a dating site or any other messaging app, for that matter.
    To prove my point, let’s say you get a Hi from an unknown person to which you reply with a similar greeting and then they ask you where you are from, what do you like to do and all that crap. How would you even begin to show interest in that conversation, let alone that person?
    Therefore, quit beating around the bush and cut to the chase, either by introducing yourself in a creative, uncommon way, or better yet, by following the next tip written below.  
  • Avoid Texting:  Wait, what? You may be thinking “This is absurd. If I don’t text in the first place, how am I supposed to get a text back?”
    What I mean is that you should avoid typing a message and send a photo, video or an audio message instead because many times, people read the message from the notifications and choose to not respond. However, when you send a media file, they have no other choice but to open the chat and see your message because it evokes curiosity in them and most people can’t handle that.

    Moving on, now the ball will will be in their court and when they see, watch or listen to the media file you sent, they are most likely to respond, given that you receive a read receipt of their message. To simplify, when they know that you know that they have seen, watched or listened to your message, maybe out of avoid making it awkward, they will reply back. Understood my point? If not, try re-reading this tips from the beginning of this paragraph. (Because that’s what I would do.)
  • Follow A Script: Have you ever imagined having a conversation with somebody? Well, you should try making it a reality.But make sure that it takes a humorous turn because everyone likes to laugh and if you can make them laugh, you have their attention. To help you, let me give you an example.


get someone reply

Hey, I was just looking at your profile and I noticed written “Animal Lover”

                                                                                               Hi, yes, I love these innocent creatures

Well, I am sure you’ll like me too 😉

                                                                                                                                              Excuse me?

I am a Man, you know, a social animal. 😅 

                                                                                                                                                  😂 😂  

This was just an example but I think you got the hint. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t avoid being creative, funny and interesting. 

  • Don’t Double Text: Double texting is simply equal to high desperation level. Therefore, in no cause should you have to double text the other person and while we are talking about double texting, let’s also writing awfully long paragraphs out of the way.
    Nobody likes to read paragraphs, especially when you aren’t related to the other person by blood. So, since you won’t want to woo somebody you are genetically related to you (at least in an ideal world), you shouldn’t write unnecessarily long paragraphs. 
  • Confide in Them: This one isn’t a conversation starter but it will definitely help you ascend a level of romanticism in other person’s subconscious mind. All you need to do is share an incident of your life that you haven’t told many people but in such a way that doesn’t make you sound vulnerable. You will learn this art form Barney Stinson from the popular TV series “How I Met Your Mother”.

    The logic behind this trick is that humans tend to show more interest in those people about whom they already know a secret. Just make sure you mention “Please don’t tell anybody” before you share it and share such a story that won’t harm you even if they do end up sharing.

    This specific trick is the strongest weapon in the arson of the war of Love, so I humbly request you to not use it with bad intentions or to hurt somebody. Use them well only to win somebody’s heart or to spread happiness & love in general.


We hope you understood the tricks well and would use one or all of them well to get a desired response from that special person. 

To help you learn it all, let’s quickly go through them in brief:

  1. Don’t begin with just Hi or Hey
  2. If you do, continue with a cool introduction or a humorous message
  3. Send media to take it up a notch
  4. Avoid double texting at all costs
  5. To solidify the relationship, confide them in (Bonus)

Once again, just to be clear: These tricks are to help you win the heart of a loved one and please use them with good intentions. 

Prem Rishtey looks forward to hearing your success stories using these tricks. So, do let us know in comments or via email, how did these tricks help you lay a foundation of love in their heart. 

Good Luck!

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