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How to create a winning matrimonial profile that attracts your perfect match?

Your profile is the first thing a person sees and this is one of the many reasons why you should spend a significant amount of time in setting it up. And only if a person likes it, they choose whether they want to talk to you or not. Therefore, your matrimonial profile should be such that it reflects your personality perfectly.

And to teach you how to make such a profile that describes you well, we have 5 simple yet effective points that you should keep in mind while setting up your bio.

5 Simple Steps To Setting Up Your Matrimonial Bio


Your Profile Picture should show your face well. It may sound such a basic thing but we had to mention it because many people either put a picture of a celebrity or a scenery. Their profile picture does show what they like but that’s not the purpose of a display picture.

And even when they put their own picture, it’s either taken from the back or side or in such a way that doesn’t show their face well.

So, make sure your face it visible clearly. And you can still make it stylish by choosing a good background. For example, if you like greenery and flowers your picture could be you smelling a flower. It would show your face as well as your interest in nature. Or if you a rider, then sit on your motorbike and click a picture. You got a hold of it, right?


While writing “About Myself”, don’t overthink. It’s not your writing test; you just have to describe the kind of person you are.

Most people come on your profile to know about you and not to judge your writing skills. So, give them what they are looking for without making it taxing for their brain.

In other words, make it as simple to read as possible. People shouldn’t have to try hard to fathom what you have written. Did you see? The word “fathom” isn’t as common as the world “understand”. So, just like that you should write simply and use basic-level lexis.


We understand that writing popular interests may help you attract certain kinds of people but don’t mention things that you don’t like just because they are popular. 

You may find somebody by lying and even if you tell them you lied about something, although insignificant, then it won’t make a good first impression. So, the bottom line is that be as truthful as you can possibly be.   

Any relationship that stands on the foundation of a lie collapses sooner or later and when it does collapse, the damage it leaves behind is mostly irreversible.


When it comes to important matters like Marriage, people like to know everything in details. So, elaboration is the key here.

Therefore, you must explain things in detail about you and your family. It includes, but is not limited to, you religious beliefs, expectations from the other person & their family and any sensitive information that can make or break a relationship, for instance, astrological faults. 


Nowadays, some websites even allow you to shoot a video of yourself, which can be specifically long in duration, to describe yourself and say something you think and be better said that write. So, use this feature well and be as explicit as possible.

Here Are Some Tips For Shooting The Video 

1. Have a Solid/Clear Background because the person should be paying attention to you and your words. Having a lot of things in your background may be distracting. In Short, be minimalistic in this context.

2. Sit and Relax while shooting the video. It’s not a YouTube DIY video or a tutorial but a way for you to share something about yourself to somebody who could be a potential love interest. So, keep this preceding sentence in mind while shooting.

3. Pay attention to the Background Noise. Ideally, it should be completely quiet and only you should be audible but if there are minimal background sounds, like children speaking or birds chirping, it is still fine. What is not acceptable is the loud noises such as dogs barking or vehicles honking.


To sum up, you should use the profile picture to show you face completely or if you have a video of yourself on your profile then putting any kind of picture is DP is somewhat acceptable.

Apart from that, make your bio simple to read and understand. Moreover, the information given should be sufficient and true to your knowledge to avoid disputes in the later part of the relationship.

Prem Rishtey hope it helps you create a profile that would completely reflect your real personality and will act as a magnet to attract a perfectly compatible life partner.

And do share with other, so that more and more people can reap the benefits of this informative article.

Good Luck 😉

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