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The Top Qualities to look for in a Life Partner

We all want a perfect life partner, don’t we? But not many of us actually know what we are seeking in the person we want to spend the rest of our life with. Nevertheless, we are here to help you add certain qualities to your list of things your partner should have and these qualities are the ones that are beyond niceness and honesty. 

These qualities will help you identify the type of person they are from the inside, not superficially.

Anybody possessing the following qualities will definitely be a good human being and hence, a good life partner


You know when you are in an argument with a person and after a while, you get irritated when they fail to see your point and you want them to feel what it feels like to be in your situation? Well, that’s you asking them to be empathetic. 

Most of our problems begin when we just want to prove our point but

Just imagine having a person with you all the time who tries to see your point in attempting to be in your shoes.

 How To Identify This Quality In Somebody?

Sure, empathy is a virtue but unfortunately, people don’t wear a tag saying “Empathetic” around their necks. So, how do you know if they possess this quality?

It’s simple! Either play a hypothetical game with them where you put them in different situations and ask them what would they do. Or you can create such a situation where you would want to see their reaction.

 For instance, if I want to see the extent of somebody’s patience, I would take him/her on a tedious drive. In the same way, you can come up with an activity to see if the quality you are looking for appears on the surface or not.


Have you ever met a person who just speaks but doesn’t listen, and if he would listen, he’d do it just to give you a reply but not to actually fathom what you are saying?   Well, they lack receptivity.

An ideal life partner must possess the ability to accept and receive. He or she would be flexible in life situations. They would be open to changes, open to new ideologies, and open to learning till the last breath.

 Such people are more likely to be rational and you’d love to discuss any matter or problem with them because they will show you a side of the situation that you didn’t even know existed. 

How To Identify This Quality In Somebody?

This one is simple too. Just ask them to change their common habit, and they will ask you why and then enjoy the rest of the conversation. You will hear concrete, logical explanations behind the habit in question. It is such a treat to have a receptive person in your life.


Inner Peace doesn’t rely on the state of the surroundings. In fact, peace can be sought even in the middle of a catastrophe and only a truly composed person can understand that. 

It is such a quality that will change your outlook on the entire world. Having composure in one’s personality teaches one to be proactive and solve the problem, instead of fearing it. 

Yes, proactiveness is also an amazing quality but anybody who lacks composure can never be proactive. In other words, composure is the backbone of proactiveness. 

So, make sure your partner knows how to keep a smile on their face even if they see the whole world burning down in front of their eyes. After all, in the grand scheme of things, everything happens for a reason. 

How To Identify This Quality In Somebody?

You can easily observe it in tiny, everyday matters such as when the internet ceases to work or when there is a flat tire of their vehicle, or if they lose an important opportunity in their life.

These seemingly insignificant situations tell you such things about a person that even they may have never noticed in their behavior (unless they are introspective) 

Through this article, we tried sharing with you the qualities that actually matter instead of the ones that are so common that most people can fake them just to dupe somebody.

Qualities such as kindness, niceness, understanding, etc. do matter but the sad reality of society is that the preceding virtues have become easy to fake. 

Therefore, to genuinely help you find the one we would recommend you seek the qualities mentioned above.

Apart from these, you should of course look for their interest, hobbies, and other things that matter to you. But if they possess the traits we shared with you then compatibility is guaranteed and if compatibility is guaranteed, so is happiness.

Good Luck finding the one! 

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